Dominate Halo Reach: 5 Simple Tips to Improving Your Game

Here are a few useful and easy tips to get you started on the path to Halo Reach Multiplayer Domination:
Shot Placement: There’s a very common misconception out there that you should always be aiming for your opponent’s head and that they will die faster when your shot grouping is focused above the shoulders. This is only partially true. When your opponents shield has yet to “pop”, it does not matter where your shots are placed. You could hit your opponent in the pinky finger and it will do the same amount of damage as a shot to the center of his facemask will do. However, once the shield pops, then the head is key. One shot with the DMR, Pistol, or a couple of bullets with any weapon really will finish them off. So, the idea is to initially aim for the largest target there is, the chest. This way, once the shield pops, it’s an easy shot to the head and you’re off to the next victim.
Use Your Armor Well and Use it Often: There are a few maps where a certain armor type offers a real strategic advantage over the other armor types. For example, Sword Base. I always use the Jet Pack here. I started doing it, because I like to get to the shotgun first after initial spawn, and I get it in virtually every game on Sword Base. Also, you can move from level to level very easily with the Jet Pack and often have wide open grenade possibilities. What is most important is that you are comfortable with the armor ability you are using. Often, there is no real advantage from one armor type to another. It’s really about how you use it and that you use it. Armor is far too important a tool to be sitting in the box. Lastly, where there may be no obvious advantage from one armor type to another. A chosen armor type on the wrong map can be a disadvantage. For example, on most indoor maps, the Jet Pack can be fairly useless. These maps are more catered to the fast (Sprint), furious (Armor Lock) and the cunning (Hologram/Active Camo).
Situational Weapons: Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, but most definitely do bring a knife to a dark room filled with opponents. Always pay attention that you are bringing the right weapon to the right situation. For example, if your running with the DMR and the Assault Rifle, have your DMR as primary for areas of long sight lines, but when you are heading into close quarters, switch to the Assault Rifle. Watch where you are and where you are going. If you are heading out into open space, get that DMR ready. Also, know which grenade you have active. If you are heading into a room, or into blind corners, have the Plasma Grenade active and be ready to stick the next croucher. And with open areas, the Frag Grenade is a better option where bounce shots and bank shots are more effective.
Don’t Stop Moving Unless You’re Crouching: If you stop moving in this game you will die. There are constantly snipers and adept shooters just looking for some dude standing still. If you stop moving, crouch. If you slow down, crouch. And if you crouch, never do it when you are open from any sniper angle. Crouch in rooms or behind walls, or in places where you can zoom and shoot accurately, but where your opponents don’t have a good shot on you.
Practice and Warm-Up Offline: Use the additional game modes on Halo Reach to complete Daily Challenges, warm up, practice and cool your nerves. My favorite additional game mode in Reach is Firefight Matchmaking (specifically Score Attack). Check the Daily Challenges to see if they include Firefight modules and get yourself some easy credits. Score Attack is a great place to get a quick warm up in before entering the vicious, fast-paced Multiplayer realm. Another great tactic is to take a break from Multiplayer and re-focus with some Firefight. The easier, more predictable game play can be just what you need to cool your nerves and get back to dominating. Lastly, this is the best place to up your weapon and armor know-how. If there is a weapon armor type you want to become more proficient with, Score Attack is the place to do it. Play a few games with a particular Load Out and see what you can bring to your Multiplayer Game.
These are some basic tips to get you on the right track to Halo Reach Multiplayer Domination. I have created Halo Reach Multiplayer Tips site that includes more information on how to really change your game and start putting the competition to sleep!I hope you found these tips helpful and wish you happy gaming! -Andrew